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Unknown Birth Time If birth time is unknown, check this box. Birth City. UTC time offset:. Tip: Make sure the UTC time offset is correct.

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If it's wrong, you can change it. Start Over. Free Birth Chart Analysis. After entering your city of birth, wait for a dropdown list to appear and select the right item. Check the UTC time offset provided by the generator and make sure it is correct, otherwise edit it manually.

Edit the green digit on the form accordingly. This is due to some restrictions on the number of requests made each time a city of birth is selected per hour and per day at maximum.

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An Astrology birth chart plays a significant role in determining Birth Chart Compatibility between two individuals as well. The preparation of a birth chart wheel requires a lot of calculations and birth chart interpretations. It can be done by only who have in-depth knowledge about the planets and their movement and the houses, i.

However, there are certain basic things one can understand. Firstly the planets are categorized into two parts - inner planets and outer planets.

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Inner planets are the planets with short orbits and they move around a Zodiac quite frequently. These planets define our personality traits and also affect our routine experiences. Outer planets are the ones with longer orbits. They move at a slow pace and are indicative of the larger picture of life. The second significant aspect is Houses.

What's the difference between an astronomical sky chart and an astrological sky chart ?

The importance of the outer planets lies in the houses they are positioned in. A birth chart is divided into 12 houses.

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Each house caters to a different aspect of life. The first 6 houses signify the routine activities in day to day life and everyday matters such as home, money, etc. Whereas the last 6 houses throw light on the general philosophy of life and its effect on you.

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