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Know that if you take a leap towards something you deeply want, there's a strong chance you'll succeed. Nowhere to go but up! You might have more ants in your pants than usual today, as you may be feeling inspired to travel, learn a new subject, write a book, or all of the above.

Your Horoscope for the Week of February 4

Whatever you choose, make sure it's something that can help you to grow. A mentor or coach could pave the way towards your success. When it comes to an intimate relationship, you and your love could find yourselves having a shared revelation or a moment of truth today that could help to deepen the bond that you share.

Aquarius Weekly Horoscope from 4th February to 10th February 2018

Though if a relationship has been unhealthy, you're ready to go in a new direction. Money improves. Partnerships are the focus for you today, and when it comes to romance, it's possible that you could meet someone new. If you're already in a relationship, you and your bae could decide to make things official.

Overall, it's time for healthier relationships and relationship habits. It's time to start fresh where your health and well-being are concerned. Maybe this means switching up your schedule, delegating tasks to others, or employing ways that you can treat your body better. Above all, it's time to move away from perfectionism and closer to self-love. Love and romance are on the agenda for you, as today could bring you lots of potential opportunities for a love match.

The new moon sparkles in your 11th house of community, making you feel inspired to gather with likeminded individuals, share ideas, establish your loyalties, and make the world a better place. You'll feel the initiative spread throughout your entire ego, as Mercury will form a sextile with Mars in your first house of the self. Helping others will bring you confidence.

You're ready to be in the spotlight now that the new moon shines in your 10th house of career. It's time to linger in shadows no more, go after the recognition you deserve, and risk everything for your success. With Mercury forming a sextile with Uranus in your first house of the self, something unexpected may happen that brings your career to a more powerful place. You're ready to go where you've never gone before now that the new moon electrifies your ninth house of adventure.

You'll be pulled somewhere unexpected and it will expand your mind, stimulate your imagination, and help you see the big picture. It's time to spread the wealth throughout your social circle with Mercury forming a sextile with Mars in your community house. You're experiencing a heavy amount of darkness but also a blinding amount of light with the new moon rattling your eighth house of rebirth.

Think of this time as an epic transformation.

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It's not easy but it's what you've been waiting for. Because Mercury forms sextiles with Mars and Uranus in your career and money houses, you have the power to make some serious gains.

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Your relationships are strengthening and intensifying now with the new moon enlivening your seventh house of partnerships. You're feeling vulnerable to a deep connection, ready to nurture your bonds, and aware of who your true friends are.

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  5. With the sun forming a sextile with Jupiter in your fifth house of pleasure, you're seeing yourself through a more creative light. With a new moon blasting through your sixth house of work and health, you're feeling energized and ready to get so many important things done and rejuvenate your priorities. Friends are helpful with suggestions. What do you believe?

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    Are you walking your talk? Check in with yourself as you look around at how others are reflecting back to you your best side.

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      A new level of confidence and pride is inspiration to begin a healthy lifestyle change. Leo July August 22 Stay upbeat no matter how much others try to drag you down. A conversation with a co-worker or new friend is inspiring and shows you that your kind words matter. Travel is a bit sticky, but leave extra early to get to your destinations and it will all be fine. Stay in your creative zone to help you relax. Health wise this is the perfect time to start treating your body better.

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