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And the Deities Lost Face by Craig Dongoski dazzles with a psychedelic burst of earthy colors in oil, pencil, and ink. Most astounding is Stardust, a polished, black acrylic night scene by Carla Ciuffo that comes alive through an enchanting augmentedreality animation, made possible by a nearby tablet. Entering into a wider range of materials and approaches are pieces made with wax Participants Within the Vast Imagination by Lorraine Glessner and aluminum, mylar, and Plexiglas Double Bond by Carrie Seid , as well as the Magic Eye-level optical illusions characterizing the Tree Dynamics monoprints by Texas artist, Orna Feinstein.

While James Gallery may initially lull guests with its pleasantly serene environment while giving the tour, director Paul Cicozi rarely spoke above a whisper , the exhibit showcased within its walls will wake you up again with its stimulating selection of bold patterns, colors, and textures, and techenhanced art. We are an arts and education program dedicated to activism and education through the lens of hip hop.

I handle the logistics, artist management, day to day. I was in a lot of trouble as a kid — locked up, almost deported. That led me into different forms of activism through the arts. We are the intersection. We put our boots on the ground. We had hour days. This is a lifestyle. So I try not to turn on the TV.


I love hip hop. I can differentiate the artist trying to get that paycheck, or get out of that contract. I get it. Get your money. Put roots in a lot of cities, create more solid partnerships so we can have more likeminded people moving forward, marching, mobilizing — really just trying to make better places, corny as that sounds.

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Do I want the 3. Do I want all these things? Bright Burning Stars, the debut from Pittsburgh author, A. Small, examines the risks one will take for the greatest reward.


Naturally, both girls want this honor for themselves. Marine, a mildmannered French native, is motivated by the death of her twin brother who was an effortlessly gifted dancer but passed away before getting to attend the school. White Whale Bookstore, Liberty Ave. Kate, an eccentric American whose mother disappeared at a young age, seems to have more pure talent than Marine, but her constant need for attention and deep-seated insecurities cripple her focus on ballet.

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To initiate this pact, Kate and Marine snuck out of their shared room after-hours. When the girls.

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The question throughout is, will Kate backstab Marine in the end? Moreover, if Marine wins, would she sabotage her dream for Kate? As someone who has never been exposed to professional ballet, the dynamism of that world is fascinating. Her experience comes through in her writing, and Bright Burning Stars was inspired by the dancers from her childhood. However, while the book is a quick, thrilling read, the content is what would be expected about a school for young ballet dancers. With movies like Black Swan, the mentally and physically draining world of ballet is far from a mystery.

I ended up, in a lot of the songs, kind of treating poppers the way that a lot of old country musicians would treat alcohol, as like an attempt to escape regret,.

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When inhaled, users feel an instant, euphoric head high. Effects include dizziness, warm sensations, tingling, and an. Poppers are also used to aid in sexual acts. The chemical, often amyl nitrate, dilates the blood vessels and relaxes the anal sphincter. So, I just went with it. This makes way for a plethora of poppers brands. For the album, Ortmann tried every kind except Flexxx. When Ortmann started working on the album he was going through a breakup.

Once he realized the theme that was emerging, Ortmann just went with. During a speaking engagement at Ohio University a few years ago, McCullough wondered about the provenance of Cutler Hall on the campus. The ordinance, which included an emphasis on education and a determination that the region would be free of.

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The only pieces he could find were letters to family members,. A residential camp focused on careers in sustainability for high school students.

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Focus topics include: equity, food, water, energy, conservation, green buildings, urban planning, transportation, community organizing, business, and more. Full and partial scholarships available. For more information, visit chatham. The main characters in The Pioneers include Cutler and his son Ephraim, who.

McCullough, whose previous books include John Adams winner of a Pulitzer Prize for biography in , , and The Johnstown Flood, his debut, uses an effective and simple literary device to illuminate the people he writes about. He allows his subjects to take center stage instead of trying to interpret their intentions. All of that. All-ages event. Minors must be accompanied by an adult.

With special guest The Woo Hoo Band. Ages six and up. With special guests Pronoun and Diva Sweetly. I feel like I am on a global scale but happy to be serving the local community of Pittsburgh. Today I gave you the trifecta. I am giving you a cheetah bodysuit, cheetah turtleneck, and a cheetah bathrobe that I am wearing as a duster! And then I come down to my shoes — I am wearing my Safari hype sneakers with cheetah socks! Yes, the Safari Pack collab. I am loving. So I am showing you today I am not afraid of anything or prints.

I think everything I am wearing is a special gift to myself. When I shop, I think of special events. I think of how I want to present myself in the world. So when I shop, I try to be super intentional. This ring is an ankh ring. My grandmother. Now I am the one dragging my partner around. The ankh is a symbol of the feminine and masculine energy coming together — divinity. Those are things that lead my moral compass.

I am proud to wear it. That is the question of the day. People ask why vintage is more expensive sometimes than thrift. We dig, we curate. I am excited to do more pop-ups in New York.

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And just get our name out there. Do more styling clients. I am a stylist as well and a make-up artist. I like to do anything creative and make things beautiful. Yet, it was while Shani Banerjee was working on the island nation during a photography residency in that she received an email from drummer Dave Rosenstraus asking her to join a punk band back home in Pittsburgh.

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Rosenstraus — whom Banerjee knew from previous encounters with their respective bands —was working alongside guitarist Nick Leombruno on rough versions of early songs for what would become Empty Beings. Written over the course of , the album represents a step forward from previous releases.