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You also have a strong, intuitive, and emotional side. Your compassion and your willingness to open yourself up to people are rooted in your curiosity for the human condition.

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You like to know about others. You are sympathetic. Your insecure side can get the better of you as you get older. You end up comparing yourself to others and make yourself miserable. You hold yourself to a high standard with your ability to love and perceive love. You make your partner feel like a million bucks.

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You are understanding, accepting, and nurturing. Those born on this day are best suited for jobs involving people. You draw people to you. You can turn this trait to a win-win situation, or you can use it to manipulate and fool people.

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The choice is yours. If choosing a business partner you will fare best if that partner is of the opposite sex to you. If you remain unattached romantically this will usually be by choice as you will have many opportunities and you are the number that can look forward to passion still burning no matter how old you get!

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However, you may fear your other half may be unfaithful — you need to look carefully at whether or not this fear has any base in reality or not. When choosing a partner, please do not waste your time on someone who is not free to return your affections either because they are already in a relationship or they are emotionally unavailable on some level. If you do, you will find you will start to have all kinds of health-related issues.

Number 6 people are usually well liked and find that many people will help them during their lifetime — both professionally and personally. You are also often very psychic and may see auras or even channel spiritual writing or art. You will also find you attract very spiritual people throughout your lifetime. A Number 6 brings with it so much promise — and no matter how long it takes, these promises will always be fulfilled.

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    Pisces Mid-March 15-31 - Not your person - Love Tarot Reading

    Avoid focusing on being left behind. Pisces people sometimes go through hard times in life, yet the person born on 15th March has a tendency to instead breeze through circumstances in a much more simple and fortuitous way. These people know at an instinctive level that life is about the rough and the smooth, and the dance that goes on between the two.

    Having this natural attitude of gratitude means that good luck is all the more pronounced for people born on 15th March, as their outlook invites greater good fortune to smile upon them. It would be a waste to throw it away for some quick bucks.

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    Username or Email Address. Search Search for: Search. Contents What is your Zodiac Sign if you were born on March 15? Hey there!

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