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It tends to get confusing to sort out the dispositors in our birth chart because we must follow the planets back and forth.

This dispositor and its element are important because we identify strongly with the planet that rules our ascendant. To find the dispositor of the ascendant, see what sign is on the ascendant the Rising Sign , and then see which planet rules that sign. See Ruling Planets.

Once you know which planet is the dispositor, then take note of which sign that planet is in.

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Whatever this sign is, we take note of the element of this sign. Once you know which planet is the dispositor of the Sun, then see which sign this planet is in.


Then, take note of the element of that sign. See the Element Key, found above on this page, if you need it.

Rahu/Ketu Maha Yoga by Dispositor in Vedic Astrology

See more ascendant rising signs. Notify me when new comments are added.

Dispositors, Mutual Receptions, Exaltations, Planetary Rulers & Elements

Leave this field empty. It takes 2 steps to find the element of the dispositor. First we must find the dispositor. Find the Dispositor of the Ascendant To find the dispositor of the ascendant, see what sign is on the ascendant the Rising Sign , and then see which planet rules that sign. If the ascendant is in Aries, Mars rules Aries, so Mars is the dispositor of the ascendant. If the ascendant is in Taurus, Venus rules Taurus, so Venus is the dispositor of the ascendant. If the ascendant is in Gemini, Mercury rules Gemini, so Mercury is the dispositor of the ascendant.

If the ascendant is in Cancer, the Moon rules Cancer, so the Moon is the dispositor of the ascendant. It's by far the most thorough reading I've ever had and completely accurate I will recommend your readings to everyone I know who wants one. You're very good, and very kind about how you approach the harder parts That's how I know you're good. You didn't run away from telling me the truth about what you see. Judith Foster, United States February 11, I was looking forward to this reading, and I wasn't disappointed.

You really touched on so many important things, and you helped me understand my chart a lot better Thank you so much, I'm sure I'll be ordering another reading very soon!

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Hayley, United States May 7, Thank you so much for your reading! It was tremendously insightful and packed with useful information about myself as a person and about the challenges I'm currently facing You mentioned some pervasive issues in my life clearly and elegantly and helped me improve my understanding of their dynamics Thank you again for your very professional, sensitive and comprehensive reading!

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Andra, Germany May 7, I just listened to your reading and thoroughly enjoyed it I could definitely relate to the dynamics as you describe them. Your interpretation was pretty amazing - considering we have never met - it was as though you knew me, which of course you do You made so much sense, and I deeply appreciate you pointing out the solutions Thank you again for your incisive insight Faith Ruth Hadikin, England September 20, February 7, The reading, listening and sharing worked well together.

The audio lessons were especially helpful and I picked up a lot of new concepts and details about natal charts.

This to me is key in a teacher. She has been able to move from those old power relationships in teaching, being one with us, but always the teacher, authority and guide.

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I have been looking at my note books for these last weeks and they are filled with astrology: drawings, thoughts It has been very inspirational and also grounding. I have thoroughly enjoyed it I have gained many new insights, in ways I never imagined. I love being a part of a group of people who are dedicated to the study of astrology.

She has excellent organizational abilities.


Her professional demeanour and willingness to answer questions really stand out. Because I could just sit back and contemplate Faith has a lovely, soothing voice. I am very grateful to Faith for compiling and offering this little course, I would recommend it to anyone I think it is useful for folk with many different levels of prior experience with astrology.