Mars enters Scorpio

To make things work between couples like these, as you may have already found out is this pesky little idea called compromise. Perhaps, the adventurous one can learn to tone it down a bit and the more settled sign can learn to take things up a notch.

Over time, this can grow into an amazing relationship where compromise rules the day. But until then, it can be tough. Yet, the rule stands, with love, it's possible.

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To find your perfect match use this chart. Aries, good things are coming your way so allow yourself to embrace the possibilities.

What’s Your Sun Sign? Born on a Cusp

While you are in one area of your life, you may already have your sight on another situation or potential adventure. Have faith that what you need will rise to the surface. Taurus, something inside your heart may rise to the surface and awaken you to a new awareness. Trust the process and remember to hold fast to the intentions you have for love so you stay on the right path. Gemini, hope may seem like an elusive energy but friendship is something that can help encourage your heart. Spend time enjoying the company of those who love and support you and allow things to work themselves out.

Cancer, there may still be things you'd like to address within yourself and that of another. Gain clarity on who you are first so that you can be fully equipped to have this conversation.

Leo Monthly Horoscope

For now, have fun and do something to take your mind off of things. Leo, you are stronger than you realize, and although it may seem like you are having your patience tested more than you'd like, you are getting closer to what you want in your life. Virgo, tune out distractions, particularly those from friends who mean well but you know aren't speaking truth into your life right now. You may need some timeout to hear your own inner voice. Be gentle on yourself during this time.

Libra, you may have your sights on something you perceive to be beautiful but there's something you know must change first. A situation reveals that there's a relationship or partnership that is headed in a new direction.

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Scorpio, pay attention to your dreams, both waking and sleeping. These will reveal something you hold near to your heart. You may be celebrating a sweet victory soon. Allow yourself this time to plan and take in all the good your life is about to unfold. Sagittarius, love and life may seem to be a tad bit off balanced, but have compassion for yourself during this time.

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